TEXO Safety Superintendent Forum

Julie will present “Job Site Safety and Social Media is Like Water and Oil … They Don’t Mix” on March 1, 2017 at the TEXO The Construction Association‘s Safety Superintendent Forum. Social media is a great tool to interact with likeminded people, promote a company’s brand, and communicate with a large audience. It is becoming […] Read more

Feb, 07, 2017


4 Rules of Communication from: Bill Belichik

He’s known as “the hoodie.” An underspoken executive of arguably one of the greatest, most celebrated, most reviled sports franchises in history. Notorious not only for his ability to build a resilient team, but for his handling of the necessary evils of public relations that seem to interfere with the business of football. Bill Belichik […] Read more

Feb, 18, 2017


Be Like Wendy’s

Wendy’s has set the bar high when it comes to a social media persona.  Listen up B2B social media managers (I didn’t capitalize social media managers because lots of various titles manage their company’s social media platforms), stop being boring. Over the past few weeks I have spent plenty of time being highly entertained by […] Read more

Jan, 14, 2017


SMPS Southern Regional Conference 2017

Richie and Jacob will present “Video Killed the Written Star: Planning and Implementing Videos” on February 3, 2017 at the SMPS Southern Regional Conference. Videos are becoming the next big thing for the A/E/C marketing industry to undertake. But what do they involve? From storytelling to scripting and angled shots to personal interviews, videos require […] Read more

Dec, 01, 2016

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Video Delivers Message Efficiently and Faster … If Done Well

This article was published in the October 2016 issue of ‘Marketer’, a SMPS publication. In the late 19th century, a short film by Auguste and Louis Lumiere displayed the arrival of a train at a French station. Legend has it that audiences, unfamiliar with the new motion picture medium, panicked when the train approached the […] Read more

Oct, 25, 2016



Brand Yourself Like a Boss

Thrilled to share our guest blog from The Career Salon site about personal branding.  Marketing comes in all shapes and sizes.  It doesn’t just apply to companies … marketing people is big business.  Done well, it can me GREAT business.  Take a gander at the post and develop your personal brand!   http://www.thecareersalon.com/shop-talk-brand-yourself-like-a-boss/ 

Sep, 27, 2016


THE Marketing Event: Changing the Game

Julie will co-present the “Avoiding a Digital Titanic” session with Ida Cheinman of Substance151 at the 2016 THE Marketing Event on November 4 in New York City hosted by SMPS New York. Your company has a website and is “active” on social media. So what? We live and work in a fully digital world. Yet […] Read more

Sep, 25, 2016



SMPS SWRC, October 12-14

Julie will lead the discussion on digital touchpoints at the SMPS Southwest Regional Conference on October 14. Why are digital communication platforms important to the A/E/C industry and how can firm leadership leverage the data behind those platforms to make better decisions?  What do all those numbers and charts mean to marketing and business?  The […] Read more

Aug, 15, 2016



What Does Julie and NPH, Hugh Jackman, and James Corden Have in Common?

Benchley Design is thrilled that our own Julie Huval, CPSM will be co-emceeing SMPS’s 39th Annual Evening of Excellence gala in Philadelphia on Thursday, August 11.  The event recognizes the best of the best in A/E/C leadership, marketing, communications, and business development. The role of the emcees includes opening the gala as well as transitions […] Read more

Aug, 08, 2016



Develop Your Company’s Social Media Persona

Funny thing is happening right now.  B2B companies (specifically those that are architecture, engineering, and construction) are starting to realize social media is a part of their marketing strategy. Shocker.  (Read that in a sarcastic voice.) So the folks that develop marketing strategy have told the implementers of the strategy to create a social media […] Read more

Aug, 05, 2016


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