Is Your Website a Team Member?

Here’s a scenario for you … you and your supervisor sit down for your annual review. You are asked “What did you accomplish this year?”  And this is the look you have …

We have all been in that situation.  Most marketers in a service industry have a difficult time measuring our successes.  After all, we aren’t selling widgets.  We don’t have a store front.  Most of our companies don’t have stock values to gauge how we did that year.

Here’s another scenario for you … your company has a website.  Ask yourself “What did your website accomplish this year?”  Do you have the same deer-in-the-headlights look?  Sounds daunting, right?  Don’t sweat it.  You can measure the success of your website!  Plus, you can use that measurement as part of your answer to your supervisor of what you accomplished this year.  Two birds, one stone!

First, understand your company’s objectives.  I can’t stress this enough.  If your company is trying to hire top quality folks for specific positions then you (yes, you marketing folks) need to know this.  If your company wants to grow their healthcare portfolio then understand how the team plans to do this.  Don’t be a fly on the wall for these discussions.  Ask questions.  Take notes.  Clarify what people are saying.  We are going to measure the heck out of these objectives!

Second, content marketing is key.  If you are trying to hire top-notch employees then you better showcase how your firm caters to top-notch employees.  And retains them.  Yes, I went there.  Retain the crap out of great employees because they will bring in great co-workers and the work this team will produce will blow the pants off the competition.  Put this marketing content on your website.  On a specific web page.  Cross promote it on social media and tell your current top-notch employees to share the heck out of it with their top-notch peers.  (Can you visualize this marketing campaign playing out?)  If you are trying to grow your healthcare portfolio then get yourself some badass testimonials from your current healthcare clients and post those on your website.  Seriously, turn your marketing content up a notch and create a plan on how you are going to utilize it throughout your digital brand.

Third, watch the video below on how to setup a goal in Google Analytics.

Fourth, setup your own goals in Google Analytics and track them.  You’ll be able to see how people are finding that specific job posting, what else they looked at on your site (are they exploring if it is the right fit for them), how long they stayed on your site (did they do their research on you), did they download case studies (are they interested in your company’s best projects), etc.  Building that portfolio?  You can track if a potential client clicked on a project tour request call-to-action button, what other services they looked at, clicked to see where your other offices are, etc.  You can really start to dig into the analytics behind your marketing campaigns.

Fifth, blow the roof off of your annual review by showing how your website’s goal conversions led to achieving company objectives!

If your company has a website then you should be making it work just as hard as a team member.

Jan, 21, 2016